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Fear and Loathing in Australian Politics

You may have missed it if you are outside of Sydney, but local station 2UE took radio to new lows with a sketch last week. It pertained to be a recording of the Australian Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young having an … Continue reading

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Five Principles of Transformational Activism

I started writing this post in the lush green surroundings of Vermont in late spring, and haven’t been able to finish it until now, on a rainy morning six weeks later in the middle of Sydney’s chilly winter. I’m glad … Continue reading

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The Most Exciting Time of My Life

I couldn’t write this yesterday because something subconsciously in me was scared I’d wake up and it wouldn’t be real. That what happened yesterday would all be a dream. But the sun rose this morning, I went for a walk … Continue reading

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China… So Far

I didn’t find what I expected in China. I found something entirely different — and learned it’s never a good idea to make assumptions of any kind about this country.  Like assuming they’ll let me into the country at the … Continue reading

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