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I made this blog on my 27th birthday, as I retire from the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, but continue my journey to solve climate change. I’ll explore climate science and politics, broader sustainability issues, Australia’s engagement with the Asia Pacific region, and share some advocacy campaigns and ideas that I think are innovative and exciting.

About annastarrrose

Author & environmentalist
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3 Responses to Welcome to my Website

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  2. Greg says:

    Anna – I cannot help but think that you are a pawn caught up in the marxist, one-world mafia’s smokescreen. Surely an intelligent young lady as yourself can see that this man-made global warming fable (or is it climate change this week??) is a continuation of the push to create a global currency and political system.
    Unfortunately, many good intentions have been lost in the political ether due to unscrupulous types using smart, but naive people such as yourself for their cause. I sincerely hope you see this for what it is and re-direct your (obvious) passion and intelligence towards a cause that actually helps people and not end up on a scrapheap of used cannon fodder in this ongoing war of attrition for global control.

  3. Dear Anna,
    I’m just the garden version priest, working in South Africa as a missionary at present, after a life time (I am 72) of teaching in secondary schools, mostly Geography and Environmental science; I disagree with your books thrust, but am impressed with your credentials and also your blog. I don’t worship at Nick Minchins feet, but recall, when teaching Environmental matters at the height of the early and first debates (mid-late 70’s) as we discussed Fraser Island, and the logging that was being protected against there- that there were dirty tricks on either side of the debate, and it was hard not to get emotional and stay objective (which I think is what science is supposed to be about- though I do not denie the favue of our emotions or that in a certain way we think with the heart). I think the students learnt from me and became good environmental citizens as a result. I myself have stayed in toucvh with my subject areas, and claim to have good friends – quite serious scientists, who would not agree that the science is settled: there are too many varying factors even for the best computer models… as well as much that we don’t know… and yes, its true that scientists on both side of the debate do get money from those who benefit from such focused “research” and so my comment could go on. I don’t think the likes of the above comment, which basically abuses you, helps at all. I would like to comment on your comments, but feel pretty daunted by the whole thrust of the Broken Bay Institute’s Newsletter – where I found your book reviewed, and trying to speak into that circle would be to me very much like Daniel choosing freely to step into the lions den… Sadly, it seems that politicians have to make decisions, because of the concerns of some (many/ most?) in their electorates- often they are asked to make decisions when the facts are not secure, and so it becomes a vote buying business, or based on some idealogy!! Or so it seems to me. In all this the media is not much help! If you would care to enter into a dialogue, I would be delighted to engage. My e mail address is vjpcarroll@hotmail.com As I think you would understand, in Africa environmental concerns are not the pressing ones in peoples minds or answering to their immediate needs. ( What they need daily is some firewood to burn to cook food) I do not use my position as priest to forward or not my views of what the Environemtal issues are about, or the latest Rio talks or any such. But as I think you can sense, I am also a concerned world citizen and believe that we many are heading down the wrong track on Environmental issues. The appointment of PM Gilliard to co chair some committee or other when we can’t find the way to meet this year our committment to our miniscule .05% Aid gifts (thereby hangs a lot of other tales!) says it all for me… Cheers,
    Vince Carroll MSC

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