About Anna

Anna Rose is an Australian author, lecturer and environmentalist. She co-convenes the Vice-Chancellor’s course in Leadership & Influence at the Australian National University. Her first full-length book is Madlands: A Journey To Change The Mind of a Climate Sceptic (MUP, 2012).

Anna was co-founder and was formerly Co-Director and Chair of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition as well as the former Environment Minister’s joint Young Environmentalist of the Year.

Anna’s passion for social and environmental justice was sparked at the age of 14, when she set up recycling, composting and a school sport called “environmental campaigning” at her school in Newcastle. She became a climate change campaigner after her grandparent’s farm in North Western NSW was affected by drought, and Anna connected the dots to climate change.

In 2005, Anna deferred her Arts/Law degree for a year to move to Melbourne and work for the National Union of Students. Working with students across 37 Universities, Anna and other student climate activists won major energy efficiency and clean energy victories. As she saw campus after campus reduce energy and enact ambitious climate change policies, her motto became, “those who say it can’t be done should get out of the way of those already doing it”. At the end of that year, after attending the United Nations Kyoto Protocol negotiations in Montreal, Anna decided to establish the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC). AYCC is now one of Australia’s largest youth organisations.

Anna co-authored the book Future by Us (Hardie Grant, 2009), is a former editor of Australia’s largest student paper Honi Soit, and holds a first class honours degree in Arts (Asian Studies) and Law from the University of Sydney. She has spent time studying and working in the United States, including trudging through snow for the Obama campaign in the New Hampshire Primary explaining to Americans that the policies of their Government actually affect other countries.

Anna was named one of Sydney’s 100 Most Influential People by the Sydney Morning Herald and is a 2011 Churchill Fellow, having completed her research in the United States, UK and China researching innovative climate change policies and youth-driven social movements. She is the former climate campaigner at GetUp and previously worked as a senior strategy consultant at political and communications consultancy Make Believe.

Anna is most well-known for taking one of Australia’s remaining high-profile climate sceptics, former Finance Minister Nick Minchin, on a journey around the world aiming to help him accept the science of climate change. The documentary, called ‘I Can Change Your Mind on Climate Change’ aired on the ABC in April 2012 followed by a Q&A special with billionaire mining magnate Clive Palmer and other guests.

Madlands: A Journey To Change The Mind of a Climate Sceptic was written over the 4 weeks of filming the ABC documentary, and the manuscript was finished in two months over the summer of 2011-12. In 2012 Anna completed a four month long book and speaking tour around outer suburban, regional and rural Australia with a team of young people. She now lives on the south side of Canberra with her husband Simon.

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18 Responses to About Anna

  1. Alan Burchill says:

    Just saw you on QandA … U totally rock! Do you have a twitter account to follow? I am sure you would get a lot of followers…

  2. macarthursmutterings says:

    I watch Q&A every week and can I just say you were a real stand out, it was great to see someone give such well-articulated responses and I became an immediate fan of you. Have been looking at your work and your commitment to the climate change debate and am really impressed. Keep up the good work

  3. GrantBlashki says:

    Great Blog Anna- great to see all the things you are doing cheers Grant

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  5. AI_sha says:

    Hey Anna saw you on Q and A! Keep forging ahead you seem quite inspirational.

  6. Gerard Bruitzman says:

    If you feel there are some gaps in your knowledge about climate change, I recommend Mike Hulme’s ‘Why We Disagree About Climate Change’ (a guest featured on I Can Change Your Mind on Climate), Sean Esbjörn-Hargens ‘An Integral Overview of Climate Change: Why Truth is not Enough’ & ‘An Ontology of Climate Change: Integral Pluralism and the Enactment of Multiple Objects,’ Karen O’Brien’s ‘Responding to Climate Change: The Need for an Integral Approach’, Karen O’Brien & Gail Hochachka’s ‘Integral Adaptation to Climate Change’, Chris Riedy’s ‘Futures of the Climate Action Movement: Insights from an Integral Futures Approach’, Roy Bhaskar & Associates’ ‘Interdisciplinarity and Climate Change: Transforming Knowledge and Practice for Our Global Future’, Richard Slaughter’s ‘The Biggest Wake Up Call In History’, Micheal E Zimmerman’s ‘Including and Differentiating among Perspectives: An Integral Approach to Climate Change’ & ‘Changing the Conversation: Rethinking the Climate Change Debate from an Integral Perspective’, and Barrett Brown’s ‘Conscious Leadership for Sustainability: How Leaders with a Late-Stage Action Logic Design and Engage in Sustainability Initiatives’.

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  8. subahu says:

    Wikipedia states that you graduated from Merewether High School in 2011…curious I say!

  9. Vic Webster says:

    You’re fantastic, Anna. Keep up the good work. I saw you on Q&A last night and was very impressed.

  10. Vic Webster says:

    P.S. … here is my 2c worth, which you can put on your website or not…

    In order to–not–believe in the high probability of AGW, one is forced to cook up some kind of convoluted conspiracy theories in order to write-off virtually every expert worth listening to on the entire planet; then very selectively cherry-pick and engross them-selves in the highly contentious theories of a select few. That’s crap.

    For us laymen, the question is not “what to believe”, the question is, “-who- to believe”. What’s the best bet? Some unqualified bloggers? The one scientists out of fifty that reckons it’s not happening? Some guy posting on an internet forum? The guy with the tinfoil hat who says it’s a global Communist conspiracy?

    … or maybe NASA, the US Navy and every national academy of sciences on the planet, all combined?

    There’s only one sensisble, rational answer to that question. Climate denial is a mug’s game (meaning, it’s a very bad wager).

  11. Colin Oriti says:

    Very impressive on Q and A and the preceding documentary. Thanks for your efforts.

  12. benjaminjay says:

    Well done on Q and A, you were an absolute stand out and made Clive look silly.

  13. Ron Haling says:

    I am on Nicks side but I believe the most constuctive discussion held on this subject was that conducted by you and Nic.You are both class acts in constuctive communication on the subject.Well done!

  14. Joe Francis says:

    Your conviction about the climate change is contagious. Saw you on Q&A. Very impresive.
    Keep up the good work Anna.

  15. Matteo says:

    Your way of putting your convictions ahead, gently yet firmly, is absolutely amazing. Really well done.

  16. Kat says:

    Just watched the documentary. You were amazing and we definitely need more people like you out there in the community raising awareness. Keep up the good work!

  17. David says:

    I think the compromise that you and Nick eventually worked out was excellent. I hope you both continue to correspond and cooperate. I don’t think the journey you two made was at all wasted, I found the entire doco highly educational, fascinating and it should be made freely available on the ABC website. I am just commencing my BA in Sustainable Development at Curtin Uni, at the age of 49, becuase I think one of the solutions to peak everything and CC is that we need to do everything more sustainably (the throw away society has to end now!). I have a seven yr old daughter who I love dearly and you yourself are still a young woman who will outlive me. I just want to do what I can to contribute my ideas. I will have to read your book now! You have a (not so) secret admirer now!.

  18. Matt says:

    Anna, aside from your considerable and commendable efforts for such a worthwhile cause – your public demeanor, well-weighted intelligence and sincerity is astounding; you simply come across brilliantly. As a father of two young daughters you are honestly the first person in public life who has struck me as an ideal role model.

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